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Mr Pisa Gelato - Gelato

Did you know that all the ingredients you need to make gelato are probably already in your own kitchen?

Mr Pisa Gelato is made with ingredients that are all found in nature making it both a healthy and natural dessert.

  • Fresh Milk & Cream
  • Real Fruit - No Artificial Colour or Flavour
  • High Quality Ingredients

To better understand what makes the delicious, creamy Italian ice cream, here's a list of the ingredients that it's made from:

Fresh Fruit

Fruit is a great addition to any fruit-flavored gelato (known as sorbet). Fruit can be added as fresh, frozen, juice or fruit puree but we prefer to use fresh fruit.. The natural acidity in the fruit helps to characterize the flavor and the natural sugar sweetens the mix. While fresh fruit makes for a really intense gelato, frozen or fruit puree is a great way to enjoy your favorite fruit out of season. So when you're craving the taste of rockmelon in January, try our gelato to“remind-you-of-summer” sorbetto!


Depending on whether you want to make a cream flavor (such as chocolate or vanilla) or a fruit flavor (such as strawberry or mango), you need either water or milk. The best type of milk for the cream flavors of gelato is whole milk (3.5%), but some gelato makers use reduced-fat milk (1% or 2%), fat-free milk (skim) or even soy milk! The milk helps the gelato obtain a creamy and smooth texture, but it also increases its resistance to melting so you can take your time to enjoy it on a hot day. Milk used in gelato is a great way to not only add protein to your diet, but to get an extra serving of calcium.


What's your favorite gelato flavor? It would be hard to argue with the common assumption that flavor is one of the most important characteristics of gelato. Two important things to remember when talking about flavor are type and intensity. Flavors can come in the form of pastes or powders and from low to high intensity. But above all, the best type is a high-quality flavor that will be consistent. This means that every time you pick your favorite flavor, it will taste exactly like you remember it!